Neko Can Dream: English Edition (ROM Cartridge)


ゲーム / 全年齢 / 2023年10月21日発行



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You woke up hungry in a back alley in a strange city. You tried to eat the canned cat food you found, but there was no way to open it. According to the barkeeper of a yakitori bar you visited to borrow a can opener, it was not real food, but an item called a dream can. She demanded that you produce more dream cans by entering the dreams of people in the city, in return for providing real canned cat food....

Box includes a GB compatible ROM cartridge, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet.

* This product is our original item and is not officially licensed by game console manufacturers.
* This product is not guaranteed to be compatible with all game consoles on the market. Unable to play on some clone consoles.
* This product is hand-assembled by the artist and may have minor scratches, dents, and inconsistencies in product quality.